About Hotline.co.uk
The story so far . . .
Hotline.co.uk was founded in 1989 by Mike Galpin, a former professional football player, and his brother Paul, when they spotted a gap in the market to sell branded promotional merchandise by mail order.

Mike and Paul produced their first mail order catalogue – the first of its kind in the UK – containing just 300 product lines. In 1999 the company became the first UK promotional products distributors to sell online. Since then the company has grown into the multi-million pound operation that it is now in the safe hands of Mike’s eldest son Oliver and has over 2000 products on offer ranging from stationery and mugs through to clothing and memory sticks.
Hotline.co.uk sell amongst other things over 2 million branded pens each year. Our customers are predominantly small to medium-sized businesses requiring volume branded merchandise for conferences, training courses and exhibitions. However, we also serve customers in the education and fundraising sectors and increasingly, individual consumers.
We pride ourselves on innovation, recently launching a printed iBrochure for smart phone and iPad users featuring QR codes to scan and obtain further product information. Underscoring this commitment to innovation, we have recently launched this new website that features a revolutionary ‘Visual Zone tool’ that enables customers to create virtual samples online to view and test their logo and messaging on products before they buy them. The technology was six months in development and involved a six-figure investment.
A commitment to the highest standards of customer service has been integral to our success, making us one of the UK’s most trusted promotional product distributors. We are the only company in its sector to offer guaranteed delivery dates, 48hour dispatch times on many products and a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee on all products.
Oliver still believes the company’s customer service commitment is key to its success, setting it apart from its competitors. Most people looking to buy branded merchandise are unaware that the vast majority of online suppliers are individuals operating from their spare room, that’s a real risk for businesses that need their promotional products delivered on time for a particular event.
Our business is built on 100% customer service. We give instant quotes, guaranteed delivery times and online ordering. We also have extremely quick turnaround times – in 24 hours if necessary and we were the first in our industry to do that. Our success hinges on our commitment to deliver the highest standards of customer service, to constantly change and innovate, and take a long-term view. We have very special relationships with our suppliers. We really regard them as partners in our business because this enables us to offer things that our competitors can’t.
Basically we can deliver a product by the time some of our competitors get back to a customer with a quote, so why go anywhere else...
Over 20,000 organisations have trusted us to deliver all their promotional product needs over the past 20 years. . .