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Mud, sweat and tears – all in a day’s work for Hotline

Written by Ollie Galpin

Mud, ice, electric wires, tear gas, fire and starvation. Europe’s toughest Tough Mudder extreme assault course brought together a few good men and women, and the Hotline team, to do battle in Winchester last weekend. And it’s fair to say, it wasn’t just their stamina that was put to the test.

What’s the Tough Mudder?

The South Downs National Park was host to an 11.5 mile course with 29 obstacles including gruelling hurdles such as Cage Crawl, Electrical Eel and Kiss the Mud. 

Russ explains, “Arctic Enema was the worst! It was a skip-full of one degree water that you slid into, then fully submerse yourself to go under the tyres and out the other end. It was a tad chilly!”

So why did they do it? 

Russ goes on, “I was bullied into it! Although as the time drew nearer I was glad I had signed up. I wanted to test myself to see if I can still do something like this.”

The Hotline team underwent some pretty tough training to build their fitness levels before the big day. But nothing could have prepared them for the clothing malfunctions which more than hindered their performance. 

Jacks tells us, “The water and mud weighed us all down. So my trousers and non-grip shoes were a mistake. And were the subject of much amusement with my ‘brothers in arms’. That and Ollie’s precarious shorts situation.”

But was it worth it?

A definite yes from Ollie, “The whole atmosphere of the day was great. Everyone was so happy and even the sun was shining. Managing to climb Everest at the end was a massive highlight for all of us.”

Jack agrees, “Team building not only with your group, but with other people to help them get through the multiple courses was amazing. It was stunning to see such an eager community all wanting to work together to get everybody through.”

And do the team have any tips for those taking part in future Tough Mudder events in 2015 and 2016? Absolutely!

Don’t muck about

• Get to the event early to avoid having a hike to the start line before you even begin.

• Don’t wear trousers! You will walk like a Golem with them on …Jack.

• Marathons are boring.  Laugh and go with it. 

• Get some grub after the event. You WILL need it.

• Invite as many people as you can – the bigger your team the better!

Be seen

And what else would the Hotline team advise to those taking part in the Tough Mudder for charity or as part of a corporate team?

Get some awareness for your chosen charity or brand with some printed T-Shirts, branded sports bottles or drawstring bags.  

Ollie tells us, “Since 2010, Tough Mudder has raised over £5m for charities so far.  Set yourself a real goal and go for it.”


The next UK and Ireland Tough Mudder events are held in London and The Midlands in April and May next year.  So there’s plenty of time to prepare, train and get your promotional gear ordered! Take this quick quiz to see if you’re ‘Mudder Ready’