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Santa’s Promotional Gift Guide

Written by Alan Buchanan

Christmas 2016 is almost here! For some, the holiday season conjures up images of dashing through the snow and eating chestnuts roasted on an open fire. For the rest of us, Christmas just means it’s time to don that figurative Elf suit and jump into our Christmas inspiration guide.

If your inner Scrooge is tempted to say ‘Bah humbug!’ to the whole gift-giving thing, think again. Not only are Christmas gifts the surest way to spread yuletide cheer in your office, keeping employees as chipper as the elves at St Nick’s workshop, but giving festive promotional gifts is a brilliant and timely way to market your business, keep your brand top-of-mind, and get you on the Nice List with all your customers, partners and associates—all through that one simple, thoughtful gesture. 

The key is to keep gifts inventive, useful, and—most importantly—well branded. After all, you won’t gain much marketing-wise if gifts don’t remind people that your business is the best thing since mistletoe (who doesn’t love a cheeky holiday kiss?). That’s why Hotline has put together this special Christmas gift guide of practical, innovative and uniquely branded products. So instead of spending hours brainstorming presents, you can knock back a few eggnogs and spend your time brainstorming which karaoke tune to belt out at the office Christmas party!

Gift guide key

Ideas for Charities


Promotional Piggy Bank: Working as tirelessly as Santa’s elves, charities are all about raising funds to help others; you could even say they’re about keeping the generous spirit of Christmas alive all year long. That’s why personalised piggy banks make the perfect promotional gift for charities and NGOs. Plastic and playful, in a variety of brightly coloured piggy shapes, giving these customised piggy banks is like helping your associates start up their very own fund for any cause they’d like. Then there’s the added benefit that every time they pop a few pence into the piggy bank, your charity’s logo will be there to remind them that they could pop a few pence into your charity, too!


Fruit of the Loom Value Printed T-Shirt: You don’t need billboards or gimmicks to get your charity noticed—just print up some attention-grabbing branded t-shirts to promote your organisation! If you’re holding a fundraising event at Christmas, having everyone wear comfy customised t-shirts will go even further than simply raising awareness for your charity; it’ll create a sense of togetherness and team spirit quicker than you can say ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’. Tiny Tim himself couldn’t have a more heart-warming Christmas wish.


Ideas for Education & Training Organisations


Seattle Printed Bag: For educational institutions, you’re sure to spread the holiday cheer by giving students, partners and staff a convenient, on-trend messenger bag that can hold everything from lecture notes to tablets and maybe even a candy cane or two! This stylish bag will let everyone know your institution is eco-conscious, and with multiple compartments, and nifty pen, it’s a gift that’s both professional and pragmatic. Whether it’s for carrying books to class or whisking presents down a chimney, your custom-branded messenger bag will serve as a great reminder of your institution time and again, no matter what it’s used for.


A7 Lined Pocket Notebook: The best promotional gifts are the ones that tie in with what your organisation does. So getting the gift of a beautifully designed notebook from a training institute is kind of like getting gingerbread cookies from the gingerbread man: it just makes perfect sense. Plus, with so much print space on the cover, the world will see your institutional logo every time someone whips out their custom-branded notebook. From writing Christmas shopping lists to summer holiday wish lists, a customised notebook will promote your brand throughout the year.

Ice Media Promotional Pens: When choosing the right promotional giveaway there are a lot of options out there. The best way to choose which is right for you, is to find something that you know people will use. Ice Media Promotional Pens are a great solution! Available in a variety of vibrant colours, and with a print area of 40 x 25 mm, you’ll have plenty of room to show off your brand through your promotional message and logo. Start giving people a useful promotional item they’ll carry with them wherever they go!


Ideas for Marketing & Sales companies


 Curvy Promotional Pens: Eye-catching and ideal for everyday use, these customised pens are sure to keep your brand at the forefront of clients’ minds when they’re writing letters to Santa or jotting down their New Year’s resolutions. Available in a range of vibrant colours, and with 60 x 10 mm of print space, you’re guaranteed to get your company logo noticed while showcasing your company’s marketing chops.


Manhattan Printed Mug: If there’s one sure-fire way to associate your brand with that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling, it’s by giving a Christmas-themed branded mug that will be used time and again. With a unique shape and lots of print space, the Manhattan Printed Mug offers lots of scope to share a funny or heart-warming seasonal greeting with your brand right at its centre. 


Smart Pad Mobile Phone Holder: In marketing, you’ve always got to be ahead of the curve, so what better way to show your clients that you’re on top of the latest trends and technology than with a branded mobile phone holder? With a non-slip rubber surface and sleek design, it’s a must-have stocking stuffer clients will love for its usefulness and wow factor.


Ideas for Professionals


Parker Jotter: If the Ghost of Christmas Past has taught us anything, it’s that no one wants to give gifts that’ll end up in a drawer from Boxing Day until the end of time, especially if they’re gifts that are meant to keep your business top-of-mind. Luckily, with these ultra-stylish, sleek promotional pens, there’s no risk of post-Christmas-Day disappearance. Elegant, with a silver trim and lots of print space, these metal pens will stand out like the North Star amidst the regular old ballpoint stock, and are sure to get your brand noticed.

An idea for any business at Christmas


Christmas Logobugs: No matter the greetings you’d like to send this holiday season, Christmas Logobugs are the way to do it. Festive, fun and available in a range of Christmas-themed critters—from snowmen to Christmas cakes and tinsel-angels—a custom-branded Logobug is sure to get anyone to smile as wide as the Nutcracker. Plus, they’re so cute and playful that they’ll stick around long after the Christmas decorations are packed away, giving a whole lot of marketing value for a tiny price!

Christmas Logobugs

Ideas for Sports & Event businesses


 Express Printed Thermo Mug: Whether heading to the gym to work off all the Christmas ham, or rushing to the hottest New Year events, everyone will appreciate the gift of an ultra-convenient travel mug to keep their drinks hot when they’re on-the-go. Incredibly useful and featuring a large wrapped print area, these handy travel mugs will advertise your brand everywhere from home to the office—and on every bus and train in between!


Premium Drawstring Promotional Bags: Customised drawstring bags make brilliant promotional Christmas gifts for businesses in the sport and event industries, just because they’re so darn practical. For gym-goers they’re the perfect hold-all for workout gear—even Santa couldn’t ask for a more functional and stylish bag to carry all those gifts around the world—and at events, branded drawstring bags filled with even more promotional items are hands-down the ultimate goody bag!

Value Sports Promotional Umbrella: What does having the perfect umbrella mean? It means come rain, sleet or snow, you won’t miss a workout or festive event—so what better gift to give if you’re in the sport and event industry than a custom-branded umbrella? With so much print space for maximum visibility, your business will stand out more than Rudolph in a reindeer line-up every time someone pops open your customised umbrella, especially if it’s got a fun festive design!


We hope you enjoyed our gift guide and would be delighted to help make your Christmas Promotional campaign a huge festive win for your business.

Call: 01202 487333 to get in touch with the experts at Hotline, there’s still time to make an impact before Christmas!