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Printed sports bottles…
What are the advantages of branding a promotional sports bottle?
Printed sports bottles make great promotional gifts due to their low cost and large print area which gives them great exposure. Their practicality and long term utility make them a valued option as a printed promotional gift. Ideal for indoor and outdoor sporting events, music festivals, excursions, camping, school and educational trips they are a popular choice as a low cost promoter. Available in a range of styles, sizes, materials and colours there’s an advertising sports bottle to suit every promotion for companies in any industry. Advertising sports flasks are amongst other ways a great way to spend your marketing budget.
With so many different styles of printed sports bottles to choose from in all in different shapes and sizes choosing the right one can be tricky, which is why we have created our Visual Zone software so you can fully customise a promotional sports bottle on screen to see what it would look like with your message and logo before you go ahead and order with the ability to choose the font style, size, colour and positioning.
What type of branded sports bottle should I choose?
Choosing the right promotional sports bottle can be challenging which is why we have created this handy sports bottle buying guide. There are many styles, shapes and colours to choose from in different materials such as plastic sports bottles and metal sports bottle. We supply a great range of customisable sports bottles including some modern innovative designs. These highly regarded items can be found in sports retail stores, sports stadiums at sporting events, music festivals, in schools, colleges and universities and as promotional giveaways at shows and conferences. These practical promotional gifts will give a long lasting exposure of your message by quenching your clients thirst several times a day.
Plastic printed sports bottles
Plastic sports bottles make an ideal promotional product because they are cost effective, colourful and visually appealing as well as the ability to satisfy the mundane need to quench ones thirst. Our extensive range of printed plastic sports bottles are made from the highest quality grade of plastic, CE marked and offer quality without the price tag. Available in a variety of shapes, styles and colours and also in transparent our great range is sure to have a bottle to suit your requirements. For the really thirsty there’s the 750ml Thirst Bottle our large capacity drinks bottle. Plastic advertising sports bottles offer great print production qualities and a good sized print area offering plenty of room to advertise your company logo and message.
There are four good reasons to choose plastic printed sports bottles:
1. Promotional plastic sports bottles will last for the long term, giving your message more exposure.
2. They are safe enough for children and ideal for all ages.
3. Promotional sports bottles are available in a spectrum of colours.
4. They have great print production qualities.
Aluminium printed sports bottles
Aluminium sports bottles are popular because of their superb durability and long lifeline. Printed aluminium sports bottles have great potential and are manufactured to offer the finest standard of high quality print available making a great promotional gift. Our exclusive range includes the 500ml Aluminium Sports Bottle a handsome 500ml sports bottle quencher ideal for your next promotion.
There are four good reasons to choose aluminium printed sports bottles:
1. Aluminium sports bottles will last for the long term, giving your message more exposure.
2. They are safe enough for children and ideal for all ages.
3. Branding aluminium sports bottles is easy.
4. They have great print production qualities. also offers a huge range of promotional products. Find your perfect promotional gifts with this wide range of Promotional Items.