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Fidget Spin Highlighter
Fidget Spin Highlighter
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Our most popular printed plastic highlighters

Promotional Highlighters.

Highlight your logo with a promotional highlighter pen, excuse the pun! These popular printed promotional giveaways come in a range of different colours and styles. Browse our selection of promotional highlighter pens below and discover the ideal promotional desktop advertiser for your next event.
Printed promotional highlighters make an extremely practical giveaway, a fun way to advertise and are great for highlighting that all important message. Found in all offices, universities, colleges and schools these frequently used vibrant message carriers will draw instant attention. We have a variety of different highlighters to choose from including the popular Tri Lighter Promotional Highlighter a triangular shaped highlighter pen combining three neon nibs with a generous print area making it one of the best promotional items.

There are four good reasons to choose promotional highlighter pens:

  • They are visually exciting, they cannot be missed. Plus everyone needs one!
  • Most promotional highlighters have a generous print area, giving your logo bigger impact.
  • They retain their ink for longer, which means they last longer than other kinds of promotional pens.
  • They are inexpensive so they tend to meet most budget constraints.