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Metal Keyrings & Bottle Openers

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Sharky Engraved Opener
Sharky Engraved Opener
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Our most popular printed metal keyrings & bottle openers

Promotional metal keyrings & bottle openers…

Branded metal keyrings offer superb value for money and superior quality. Engraved Metal Keyrings can sometimes be multifunctional i.e. keyrings combined with a bottle opener. Metal keyrings branded are more hardwearing and durable than plastic keyrings Our extensive range of advertising metal keyrings includes the engraved Sharky Engraved Bottle Opener a stylish metal keyring and sharp design that will look superb engraved with your company logo.

There are four good reasons to choose printed metal keyrings

  • Promotional metal keyrings are available with added functionality.
  • Branded metal keyrings have more of a quality feel to them compared to plastic keyrings.
  • UK metal keyrings will last longer.
  • Keyrings with metal properties offer great print quality.
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