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Our most popular printed trolley coins

No pound coin? No problem…

Everybody hates getting caught-short at the supermarket – you’re dashing for that last trolley in the rank… you get it, hurrah, only to then discover you’re missing that crucial element that will make the whole visit easier… a pound coin for the trolley!
Perhaps you hit the gym regularly or take frequent dips in the local swimming pool? The last thing you want to do is fumble around looking for that vital pound coin for the locker! That’s where Trolley coins come in…

Trolley coins – making life easier!

If you’re not familiar with them, they are one of the most sought-after promotional products around! And because they’re so popular we’ve increased our range so now you really can get the ideal printed trolley coins for your needs.
Promotional trolley coins are basically British pound coin sized metal or plastic discs that are an ideal substitute for real coins and can be used again and again. Just don’t try using them at the till!
The most popular are our New 12 sided trolley coins. As the name suggests, they have 12 sides (the same as the new pound coin) and are the same thickness. They have a hole punched into the top part (as most of the range do) so they can be kept on a trigger-clip keyring which comes supplied with each coin.

Branded the way you want them!

When it comes to printing the majority of our coins are stamped nickel. This means the surface is indented, just like real pound coins, but the recessed parts are then filled with your chosen colours. What make stamped trolley coins so special is that you get up to 4 colours printed as standard at no extra cost to you – it’s a fantastic deal! With all our trolley coins you can also choose to have your branding on either one or two sides too!
If your design means you need to use a wide range of colours (like shades, gradients or photos) we also offer full colour trolley coins too – again, printed on one or two sides. These are printed onto paper which is then covered by a transparent epoxy resin for protection and durability.

We’ve got you covered…

Need a trolley coin without the hole? Try our high quality stamped Horse shoe trolley coin holder which can be printed one or two sides. Rather than a trigger clip being hooked into the coin, these coins insert into a metal horseshoe-shaped holder with a magnet inside the top edge to keep it in place.
On a budget? Our fantastic plastic Value Trolley Coins are the answer. These lightweight coins aren’t stamped like nickel coins but instead are printed in full colour directly onto the surface of the coins.