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Elite Soft Touch Stylus Pen
Elite Soft Stylus
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Our most popular stylus pens

Stylus Pens - the pen for the digital age

Some people say that in the digital age, pen and paper are consigned to history. But they aren’t dead yet! In fact the digital realm has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for pens! The variety of ‘techy’ gadgets to help you promote your message is huge, but an increasingly popular option is the stylus pen. We all hate those irritating smudges on our phones, tablets and touch-screen monitors. With branded stylus pens you can ensure your devices stay crisp and clear. Not to mention if you’ve got big fingers, you’re probably fed up with hitting too many tiny letters and sending a garbled text message that makes no sense! Well, stylus pens ensure you hit the right spot with their small cushioned silicone nibs. No more accidentally opening-up Tinder instead of Twitter!

The stylish stylus!

There are a multitude of designs and styles available and Hotline have a great range to suit all tastes. If you’re after something vibrant with wide range of colour options, take a look at our new Elite Soft Touch Stylus Pen. Or perhaps you need something smaller and more slim-line to accompany a device? In that case you’ll want to see our colourful engraved mini stylus pens or printed mini stylus pens or if you’re after the sophisticated look, then perhaps the super-smart Pompeii Stylus Pen is the choice for you.

Multi-functionality is the key

The last thing you want is a pen that’s just a stylus – what do you do if all of a sudden you need to jot something down? A standard stylus pen won’t help you there! That’s why multi-function stylus pens are the way forward. All our stylus pens also contain ink to allow you to use them as conventional writing tools when needed. Some even have more than 2 functions, like our 3-in-1 Stylus Torch Pen.

Engraved or printed in Full Colour – you choose!

It’s all fine and well having quality stylus pens but people want to know who they came from – that’s where our range helps you out. Whether you want your stylus pens engraved, printed in a few colours or branded in full colour, pick the pen that’s right for you and we’ll help you display your brand to best effect!