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Our most popular printed exhibition products & giveaways

Promotional advertising giveaways…

Featuring hundreds of promotional giveaways and branded promotional giveaways, can really kick start your promotional campaign. Printed promotional giveaways are now becoming victorious in the battle towards becoming the most powerful and effective marketing tool used in the industry to promote positive brand recognition amongst copious amounts of customers. Browse our extensive range of printed promotional giveaways above.
How to use promotional giveaways With the economy the way it has been recently we are all even more determined to find inexpensive ways to promote your brand. Compared to other expensive methods of advertising such as print and radio, promotional products offer one of the most effective yet inexpensive mediums to advertise your company with extended staying power. In today’s highly competitive market a promotional giveaways campaign offers a unique opportunity to get your company’s name out there.
Whether you are attending an event, conference, distributing a mailing campaign or just looking for a valuable gift to thank your clients or stimulate employee productivity there’s a branded promotional giveaway for every occasion that can be used at the right place at the right time particularly if you are:
  • Launching a new product or service – use printed giveaways.
  • Looking to improve the response rates of your marketing campaigns.
  • Attending a trade show,promotional giveaways will increasing stand traffic.
  • Wanting to help increase the frequency of repeat orders.
Choose printed advertising giveaways to match and compliment your business With over 300 branded giveaways to choose from there’s sure to be one that ties in with your company’s products and services. If you get stuck and need inspiration give our expert and friendly sales team a call, they are sure to send you in the right direction. Whether a mature or growing company, in rain or shine, in the hotter or colder seasons there’s a promotional giveaway to suit your company all year round.

Give your clients and prospects something they want and need

Promotional giveaways in the UK are most effective when the target audience is specifically identified. Items can then be selected to appeal to that audience, creating a positive response and eliminating waste distribution. For example if your promotional campaign is aimed at children you might wish to choose promotional items that are bright in colour. Children are more likely to be interested in the physical appearance of the product than what is printed on it whereas if you are marketing to adults practical printed products imprinted with full contact information would be of better benefit. Advertising promotional giveaways are a direct representation of you and your company so quality is key and with you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your company noticed. Printed promotional products will help to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing communications strategy and can improve the overall ROI of any marketing budget.